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  1. Mary

    I just found these at my local grocer, Giant. Love the vanilla and the anise. Have never seen the chocolate or pumpkin spice. Please bring those back or let me know where I can find them. Love love love your pizzelles!

  2. Angela

    Pick these cookies up during my holiday shopping at the local dollar general store. They are so good. I have been enjoying them for breakfast with several spoons of pudding between two cookies. Hope that I can purchase them there again. They were on a end cap aisle otherwise I would have passed them up. Thank you.

  3. Natalie

    I LOVE,LOVE LOVE these pizzelles over any other cookie choice. They are so nice to snack on with a cup of tea or latte. I buy the vanilla at my local Dollarama stores. Even my cat loves them! 🙂

  4. Helene McCormick

    I purchased a container of your Anise flavored pizzelles last week at my local Giant food store and again this week because you are correct they are deliciously addictive.

    I make them at Christmas with other cookies so I know how much work is involved in getting them to bake correctly so now I will buy your brand and save myself the time.

    Thanks for a great product, so glad I found them.

  5. Benjamin

    Pizzelle Cookies are the best! Only a few stores carry Pizzelles in my area and in very small quantities. I cleaned out one store of the four boxes that they had. I’m so glad that I can order them online.

  6. Sandy P.

    I bought the new Reko Artisan Italian Crackers last week for the first time. Love Love Love them! Purchased them at Silani Cheese Factory in Schomberg where I live. So far I have tried the Sea Salt and Rosemary/Olive Oil crackers. Also the way they are packaged in their own little serving tray is perfect! Great Product!

  7. Gina Negovetic

    Have always loved your company’s pizzellesLove. Just tried the pumpkin spice ones for the first time. They are absolutely delicious! The spice is perfect and not too overpowering. I will serve them to guests at my house all through the holiday season! Thank you

  8. vanessa

    The following is an excerpt quote from one of our fans “I am a US Marine stationed in Japan and I am addicted to your Vanilla pizzelles (for over a decade now and only your brand is this good). Amazon has shipped me 2 big 12 container boxes in the last year that all made it safe. I am also a junkie for pumpkin spice.”

  9. Nomi

    Well,I am French,and I grew up with a mother who used to make them,but had a different name for them,maybe “Galettes’.she made them just slightly thicker,and with that old iron on a wood stove!!What a job!!And we loved them,and her.
    I also have a Pizzelle iron (electrric)but they are time consuming to make.So I was very happy to discover Reko’s Pizzelles and how delicious they are.and happy to find the single package in Dollarama

  10. Emil Victor Dichiro

    These pizzelle’s taste just like my mothers. my mother’s father back in the 1920’s gave each of his five daughter the original irons with the long handles to hold over burner on stove. i remember my mother making the dough and placing it on greased iron, squeeze the iron and then release the pressure. i remember at all holidays sitting in the kitchem with my mom, watching her make them. of course, i would test cookies for flavor. we are italian. my mother’s iron had a picture of a harp on one side and on the other side it had the date the iron was made. i am 65 years old and these are so much like my mother’s. i am happy i found your website. my father when he came to the us in 1935 spent a lot of time in canada.

  11. Don Bonacci

    What a delight, my supermarket in San Antonio, Texas, HEB, carries your pizzelle. They are delicious, and bring me many memories from many years ago, I’m 83. My grandparents are from Abruzzi, migrated to the United States in the late 1800’s. I remember many a holiday helping grandma make the batter, bake them in a hand held iron , held over an open fire, she say a Hail Mary, turn over the iron, another Hail Mary, the cookie was done to perfection. The wonderful woman said so many Hail Mary’s, she may be a saint. Your product is wonderful, my family and I enjoy them, thanks for such a marvelous treat and the fond memory it congers up. Don Bonacci

  12. Toni

    I am on Weight Watchers and have shared with all the other members of my meeting group my recipe for a 1 point dessert using your wonderful pizzelle cookies. I take two cookies (only 1 pt. for 2 of them) and put two Tbsp of non-fat Cool Whip (zero points) between and then freeze a bunch of different flavors in a large flat air tight container. I never feel deprived when others are having a dessert and so low in points, I can even have two of them.

  13. MCMom

    Your cookies are delicious. And as the mom of a peanut/tree nut-allergic 10 year old, I am thrilled that they are also “safe” for him to eat!

  14. Sharon Smead

    NuStef Foods knocks it out of the park with the best Pizzelle cookie ever

  15. Blake Walker

    Ive been looking at the recipes and they are crazy amazing!!!! the pizzelles ice cream sandwich i hope is on the list to make!

  16. Arlette Londes

    Dear “Reko”
    I am originnaly from Belgium and just wanted to let you know that we have the same cookies that we offer to our guest and visitors on New Year’s day. A tradition for that day..I am hospitality coodonator for a society at UofT and offered your cookies at our latest symposium last saturday. Big success. But I had to explain to most of our attendees what I was offering them.I was so happy to have find them at my local Basic store.
    Keep up the good quality please….
    Arlette Londes

  17. Katherine G.

    I tried my very first pizzelle about a month ago… I think I’ve purchased about 3 dozen packages since. I think there should be a warning on the package that these cookies are addicting! I know I am addicted to them along with my father and I have to watch my Springer Spaniel! She starts drooling when I walk in the door with them! Absolutely the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten! Thinking seriously about purchasing a cooker and making them because where I buy them, trust me. .. they run out in a hurry!!

  18. Margaret Partyka

    I love your Pizzelle Cookies. They are delicious!!! I can eat a whole box without even realizing it. Love love the cholocate pizzelles!

  19. Marie Kirchoff

    The vanilla pizzelles are very addictive, as you say. Whenever I go up to TN to visit my daughter, I have to take several packages for my son-in-law. We sit and eat them in one sitting. They are great for an afternoon snack at our coffee break.

  20. Judy

    Just to let you know I absolutely love these cookies. I bought them on vacation in Canada at the Metro. My sister makes them but these are as close to homemade that you can find. I did order a case from your company but I will try to find them locally. Yum !!!!

  21. Eileen Campagna

    Thank you Ces Nucci for recommending the REKO pizzelle cookies!! I bought the lemon flavored ones yesterday at Fresh Market. Before you could blink an eye I ate the whole 10 cookie package. What a pig ,but I was rewarding myself for a 91 on league day.

    My husband Guido & I enjoyed golfing with you and your realtor friend. Eileen

  22. Christine Gamble

    I know what a great Pizzelle taste like and I have to say that I haven’t had one a good as your brand for a long time. They are awesome!!!
    What a treat. I make them according to a family recipe and give them at Christmas, I have received them as Christmas gifts, and NOTHING compares to the freshness, taste and how light yours are. Keep them coming, I will continue to buy them and advertise them to all of my friends and family.

  23. Schlomi Moyal

    I live in Israel and work in New York City Since my family and I tested your “pizzelle” a few years ago, we keep buying them whenever we visit NYC and bring them back home with us to Israel.

  24. Kate Genut

    Thank you so much for making your pizzelle cookies kosher. We eat them all the time in our home and often give to our friends as dinner gifts or holiday gifts.

  25. Annette Margolin

    I have been buying the Pizzelles at Costco and they are the greatest. A touch of sweetness without being overwhelming.

  26. Helen Majerik

    I just had to let you know that I was so excited to see these Pizzelle cookies at Costco. My grandmother was from Abruzzi, Italy. She would make these whenever we came to visit her in Ardmore, PA. I remember my mother buying her an electric Pizzelle machine so it would be easier for her to make them. From our family to yours, thank you so much for making these delicious Pizzelle and bringing back cherished memories of my grandmother whenever we eat them.

  27. Christine Hutman

    I just discovered your vanilla pizzelle today and have fallen in love! Keep up the great job!

  28. Enzo

    ho assaggiato le vostre pizzelle sono state squsite. Vorrei sapere dove e’ possibile aquistare il vostro prodotto in italia: Un saluto a voi tutti .

  29. Elizabeth Lampitt

    Much to my dismay, my husband and I found your Vanilla Pizzelle tastesless. Perhaps this is the way it is intended. However, I would think that “vanilla” means that it is vanilla flavored. Not so. Please know that your other Pizzelles are delightful. BTW, my family originated from the Abruzzi region also. Thank you for “listening.” Sincerely, Elizabeth A. Lampitt

  30. Janet

    I was first introduced to pizzelles at a wedding shower given by an Italian lady -after which I bought a pizzelle iron on the internet. How wonderful to be able to buy them and not have to spend hours making them. They are truly addictive!!

  31. Karin Warren

    Your pizzelle are excellent. By the end of this week I hope to have tried all the flavours – vanilla is presently my favourite.

  32. Irene Gardner

    I love your cookies, I mostly buy the Anise flavor, just noticed the new labeling and pictures, I love the “Caution: May be addictive” it’s true, love them. and will try some of your recipes, love your web page too. Thanks for making a low fat, low sodium delicious dessert! Look forward to trying some others flavors now too.

  33. Janet Bailey

    I found out about your pizzelles from a lady I worked with. I simply love them, I have made these for many years, until my machine broke. I now buy them at Costco and also at Ingels in Georgia. I love the Anise the best. They are nice and thin and crispy just like the ones I made.
    They bring back so many memories.
    Thank you so much. They should be in all the stores.

  34. Denise Frey

    I am currently in Lemon Pizzelle withdrawel. My local store stopped carrying them so I will probably need to buy a case directly from you. I start every day with a Lemon Pizzelle and a cup of coffee. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  35. Mike Adessky

    REALLY GOOD!!! these cookies are delicious!

  36. JulieAnn Vedovino

    I give pizzelle as house gifts when visiting on the holidays. I place them on a dish drizzzle honey and chopped walnuts on them and wrap them in clear wrap. I am the Community Life Director at an assisted living facility in town. I have made travel programs exciting by using pizzelle. Because of the low calorie and sugar content I am able to serve them to all my residents. How wonderful to have the taste of Italy with Anise Pizzelle. We armchair travel to Hawaii using Vanilla Pizzelle topped with crushed pinapple and we go camping on video using chocolate Pizzelle with a splash of melted marshmellows. We even celebrate all american holidays with Pizzelle topped with Strawberries Blueberries and cream. With each Pizzelle flavor and topping I am able to bring in great conversation and a wonderful remember when Session for my residents. It’s good old fashioned Fun program. Thanks for the memories.
    J.V., New Rochelle, NY

  37. MaryLou Briski

    Can’t buy them fast enough!

  38. Laurie Bell

    My three year old son was just diagnosed in Sept 2007 with type I diabetes which devastated our family. We already ate quite healthy, but are even more cautious with treats now. I was agonizing over my son’s plea for a cookie at the grocery. I was about to give up when I came across your chocolate pizzelles. Imagine the excitement of a little boy as I placed these large cookies in the cart. Considering the size, I was so please at the minimal carb and sugar content. THANK YOU so much. We enjoy one or two after dinner, sometimes with sugar free whipped cream and don’t have to cover this treat with a dreaded insulin shot. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  39. Carlo

    Hi… I love them so much I just ordered 2 cases to add with other gifts. Happy holiday.

  40. Lisa

    Highly addictive. The absolute best cookies around. Hard to find in my area.


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